Who are The Detty Sisters? Wikipedia, Ages, Parents, Family, (2024)

For The Detty Sisters, Peyton, Cadie, and Lilly What Started Out as a Simple Sunday Praise and Worship Routine In their Local Home Church has Translated Into a Budding Music Career. The Three Siblings Represent a True Mix of Both Talent and Authenticity. Their Mother and Father will be The First to Tell you That had they Not Gone Viral the Three would Still Be Singing In their Local Churches and Using Their God-Given Talents to Praise the Lord each and Every Sunday.

They are a shred of True evidence That by Sticking to One’s Origin, Working Hard, and Having faith Success Can be Found Even at a Really Young Age. Since Joining Youtube in 2018 they have earned over 35 Million Views and Boast over 150k Subscribers on their Channel. We all know the Three Siblings for their Hit Singles Thank God I’m Free and So Much to Thank Him for But What Do We Really Know about Their Personal Life and Background Information? Today 47 Facts Takes a Dig Deeper into the Personal life of the Detty Siblings.

  • They Are originally From southern Ohio. Peyton.
  • Their Ages are as Follows: Peyton is 14 Years old, Cadie is 12 Years Old and Lily is 8 Years Old
  • Their Parents Are Amber and Floyd Detty.
  • It was Their Mother Who Discovered Their Singing Talents.
  • Their Most Popular Songs are Thank God I’m Free and So Much to Thank Him with 8.2 Million and 3.9 Million Views Respectively.
  • They are Still Making Music Even in 2023.

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Who Are The Detty Sisters?

The Detty Sisters are a Christian Girl Group From southern Ohio Peyton, Well Known for Their Hit Singles Thank God I’m Free and So Much to Thank Him with 8.2 Million. The Group is Made up of Sisters s Peyton Detty, Cadie Detty, and Lilly Detty. The Group Made its Professional Debut in 2018 and has Since Gone on to Release a Number of Chart-Topping Singles in the Christian Music Genre.

NamesPeyton, Cadie, and Lilly
OccupationChristain Singers
Age’s14, 12, and 8 Years Old
Place of BirthSouthern Ohio
Height4 Feet 11 (AVG)
PartnerStill too Young
ParentsFloyd and Amber Detty
Net Worth1.3 Million

Background Information

The Group was Initially Started by Peyton and Caddie when they were only 4 and 2 Years old. Initially, the Group would Perform Together at their Local Church Singing Personal Renditions of Popular Christian Carols and Christian Bangers Such as Can’t Cross the Bloodline. Their Mother Amber Detty is Mostly credited for Discovering the Sister’s Talent and Growing It. In 2018 the Sisters Made their Professional Debut But it wasn’t until 2019 that they were Propelled Into Fame after their Songs In the Meantime and Don’t Start Doubting Went Viral. Since then the Band has been Releasing Music and is Currently on Tour.

The Detty Family

Soon After they Become Popular and Started Releasing Back to Back Chat Topping Hits The Three Siblings alongside Their Father and Mother Floyd and Amber Started a Band Named the Detty Family. As a Band, the Detty Family has Released Popular Singles Such as My God is Faithfull Which has Over 1.3 Million Views.

The Detty Sister’s Ages, Dates of Birth, and Birthdays

While the Detty Siblings are Really Close They are not Triplets and Have a Small Age Gap Between Them. Peyton Detty the Eldest of the Three is 14 Years of Age and Two Years Older than Cadie who is 12 years Old. Lily Detty The Youngest of the Three is 8 Years Old and is 6 Years Younger than Peyton.

The Detty Family Religion

It’s a popular misconception that all Large Families on Youtube are Mormons which is Often Not the Case. The Detty Family is a Staunch Christian Family who enjoy Using their Talents to Sp[read the Gospel and Praise the Lord.

The Detty Sister’s Mother, Father, and Family

The Detty Siblings Were Raised by Mr. and Mrs. Detty Who Raised them in the Way of Christ and Led by Example. Their Mother Amber Detty(in her 30’s) is also a Singer herself and has been Featured on a Number of Her daughter’s Tracks Including As the Deer. Their Dad Floyd Detty on the Other Hand is the Man behind the Camera.

He Shoots his Family’s Vlogs Directs their Songs and Produces Them. They have one More Sister who Features A lot on their Youtube Channels and are Expecting One More Child. The Siblings Love Visiting Their Grandmother for Christmas Once in a while and Oftenly Share These Vlogs on their Channel.

The Detty Sister’s Songs

The Detty Family has Released a Number of Chart-Topping Song That Include:

  • In the Meantime
  • No Doctor Like Jesus
  • Everythings Gonna Turn Out Right
  • Don’t Start Doubting Now
  • Coat of Many Colors
  • Circle of Love

The Detty Sisters’ Net Worth

The Detty Sisters have a Combined Net Worth of $1.3 Million. More Content: David Lynn Pastor

Who are The Detty Sisters? Wikipedia, Ages, Parents, Family, (2024)


What religion is the Detty family? ›

The Dettys — Peyton, Caidence, Lily and Sophia — are a gospel ministry from southern Ohio that is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through singing, speaking and preaching for the glory of God, according to their Facebook page.

What are the names of the daddy sisters? ›

Peyton, who is the oldest, is 11 years old. Next you have Caidence (Cadie) who is 9 years old. Then we have Lily who is 5 years old. Finally, we have Sophia, or Curly as she is called, is 3 years old.

How did the Detty Sisters get started? ›

One of the main questions that we are usually asked is, how did you get started? The girls all started singing when they were babies in our home church. One of the first songs Peyton and Cadie started singing was “Can't Cross the Bloodline” at the age of 2 and 4 years old.

How do I contact the Detty sisters? ›

  1. Say Hi! contact@thedettysisters.com.
  2. Call Us. Phone: +1 740-804-5494.
  3. Mail Us. PO Box 69 Frankfort Ohio 45628.

Where are the church sisters from? ›

They were born on December 11, 1995 in the coal mining area of Dickenson County, Virginia. After residing in Haysi, Virginia for a short while, they returned to Danville, Virginia, hometown of their mother, Stephanie Duncan. Music featured prominently throughout their childhood, especially church music.

What religion has brothers and sisters? ›

Within the Roman Catholic Church, the titles sister and brother are given to members of religious communities. Members take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience and devote their lives to God. Sisters and brothers generally view their way of life not so much as a career but as a vocation—a calling.

Where were the Sisters of Life founded? ›

Origins. The Sisters of Life were an order first conceived of by Cardinal John Joseph O'Connor of New York, on a visit to the remains of a Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, Germany.

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