All cheats and console commands for Grounded (2024)

If you’ve ever wanted to act out the film Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the gameGrounded is for you. Luckily, there are ways to give yourself a boost with cheats and console commands. With these Grounded cheats, you can reshape the game experience itself.

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Fair warning: Using cheats will take away any feeling of urgency since they make everything easy. You can increase your resources, tools, and even summon enemies. This will help not just with dealing with spiders, but also help curb some of the difficulty.

Below we have instructions and all cheats and commands in Grounded.

How to use cheats in Grounded

If you want to be a naughty cheater, Grounded cheats need a third-party program called Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker. Once this app is downloaded and installed, you can access the cheat menu by pressing ~ on your keyboard. Make sure to start a new save file, as glitches can mess up your old one. Unfortunately, because the software is only on PC, you cannot use cheats in console versions of Grounded.

Grounded cheats are fairly important for improving gameplay because this is a game about survival and resource management. Using some of these cheats can really take the grind out of the busywork.

Plus, you can always use them in moderation. Say you need just a few more grass blades or ant sap to finish a design, but don’t feel like traveling. All you have to do is simply cheat them in and that minor bit of frustration is gone.

Some cheats like AddScience# or AddFood# can help you in a pinch when you’re down on the ropes. The command “Pause” is especially helpful, as it can give you a break during chaotic gameplay.

All Grounded cheats

Here is the complete list of all Grounded cheats:

AddFood #This will fill your hunger meter according to the number you enter.
AddScience #Gives you the amount of Raw Science you’ve added.
AddWater #This will fill your water meter according to the number you enter.
BuildAllBuildingsAutomatically construct all blueprints laid out.
ChangeSize #Adjusts your size according to the number you enter.
DamageTarget #Inflicts damage on the target for the amount specified.
FullRestoreCompletely replenishes your stamina, health, thirst, and hunger.
godYou will suffer no damage.
InfiniteDamageA single hit kills anything.
killTeleports you back to your spawn point after killing your character.
open AR_00_World_DevView the world of the developers where things haven’t yet been added to the game. (Must be entered from the main menu).
open SurvivalTestAccess the developer’s test level. (Must be entered from the main menu).
pausePauses the game; repeat the command to unpause.
RepairAllItemsYour entire inventory is repaired.
ResearchAllItemsAnalyzes every item in the game.
SetCurrentBreath #The breath will be set to the entered amount.
SetCurrentFood #The food will be set to the entered amount.
SetCurrentWater #The water will be set to the entered amount.
sg.PostProcessQuality0Removes depth of field blurriness.
showShows all graphic settings and options.
showdebugDisplays coordinates on the screen.
ShowWaveStatsShow statistics.
stat fpsDisplay the FPS counter.
stat unit Displays frame time on screen.
teleportTeleport to wherever your crosshair is aiming at.
timespeed #Sets the speed at which time passes. Increasing the number will speed up the day. By entering “0”, time will be stopped completely.
toggledebugcameraGives you the ability to fly around the game as the camera
unlockallperksUnlocks all perks and mutations.
UnlockAllRecipesEvery weapon and tool recipe unlocks.
UnlockAllTechTreesAll Tech Trees are unlocked.

Tip: ResearchAllItems is Awesome

Of all the cheats and commands one can enter, the ResearchAllItems cheat is my favorite. If you want to play the game still remotely as intended but be able to see everything the game has to offer in terms of items and building, this cheat makes that very enjoyable.

All Grounded console commands

There are many things you can summon in Grounded. By entering these in the console command for Grounded, you can summon them to your location. There may be glitches when summoning items, so remember to use a new save file.

Console commands are great to know because it gives you precise control over every aspect of your game. You can build the proper map and experience for you and your gaming partners without relying on the default.

Animals and bugs console commands in Grounded

In Grounded, console commands can be used to spawn animals, creatures, and manipulate the game’s environment for various purposes. Here are some of the console commands for animals and bugs in the game:

  • Summon BP_Ant_Black_C
  • Summon BP_Ant_Black_C
  • Summon BP_Ant_C
  • Summon BP_Ant_HillWorker_C
  • Summon BP_Ant_Soldier_Black_C
  • Summon BP_Ant_Soldier_C
  • Summon BP_Antlion_Pit_C
  • Summon BP_Antlion_Roamer_C
  • Summon BP_Aphid_C
  • Summon BP_ARCR_C
  • Summon BP_Bee_C
  • Summon BP_BlackOxBeetle_C
  • Summon BP_BombardierBeetle_C
  • Summon BP_Burgle_C
  • Summon BP_Candy_Spicy_
  • Summon BP_Candy_Spicy_C
  • Summon BP_CrystalBeetle_C
  • Summon BP_DivingBellSpider_C
  • Summon BP_Firefly_C
  • Summon BP_Food_Apple_Core_C
  • Summon BP_Food_Candy_Corn_C
  • Summon BP_Food_Cookie_Sandwich_C
  • Summon BP_Food_Hotdog_C
  • Summon BP_Food_Mint_C
  • Summon BP_Gnat_Big_c -trash heap gnat
  • Summon BP_Gnat_C
  • Summon BP_gnat_infected_c
  • Summon BP_gnat_infected_c
  • Summon BP_Grub_C
  • Summon BP_Gum_Node_C
  • Summon BP_Haze_Fungus_C
  • Summon BP_KoiFish_C
  • Summon BP_Ladybug_C
  • Summon BP_ladybug_infected_c
  • Summon BP_ladybug_infected_c
  • Summon BP_Ladybug_Upperyard_C
  • Summon BP_Larva_C
  • Summon BP_larva_infected_c
  • Summon BP_larva_infected_c
  • Summon BP_Lint_Node_A_C
  • Summon BP_Milk_Nugget_Party_C
  • Summon BP_Milk_Nugget_Personal_C
  • Summon BP_Mite_C
  • Summon BP_Mite_CableChewer_C
  • Summon BP_Mite_Dust_C
  • Summon BP_mite_haze_c
  • Summon BP_Mite_haze_c -infected mite
  • Summon BP_Mold_Purple_C
  • Summon BP_Mosquito_C
  • Summon BP_Mushroom_Black_A_C
  • Summon BP_Mushroom_Black_B_C
  • Summon BP_Mushroom_Black_C_C
  • Summon BP_Mushroom_Roundcap_A_C
  • Summon BP_Mushroom_Roundcap_B_C
  • Summon BP_Mushroom_Toadstool_A_C
  • Summon BP_Mushroom_Toadstool_B_C
  • Summon BP_Mushroom_Toadstool_C_C
  • Summon BP_PartyUpgradeCollectible_C
  • Summon BP_PartyUpgradeCollectible_C
  • Summon BP_Pupa_C
  • Summon BP_Pupa_Topple_C
  • Summon BP_Rock_Salt_A_C
  • Summon BP_RolyPoly_Sickly_C
  • Summon BP_Spider_Boss_C
  • Summon BP_Spider_Boss_Hedge_C
  • Summon BP_Spider_Small_C
  • Summon BP_Spider_Web_C
  • Summon BP_Spider_Wolf_C
  • Summon BP_Spider_wolf_Infected_c
  • Summon BP_Spiderling_C
  • Summon BP_StinkBug_C
  • Summon BP_Stinkbug_upperyard_C
  • Summon BP_Tadpole_C
  • Summon BP_TechChipPicnicTable_C
  • Summon BP_Termite_King_C
  • Summon BP_Termite_Soldier_C
  • Summon BP_Termite_Worker_C
  • Summon BP_UpgradeCollectible_C
  • Summon BP_UpgradeCollectible_C
  • Summon BP_Wasp_C
  • Summon BP_WaterBoatman_C
  • Summon BP_WaterFlea_c
  • Summon BP_Weed_Spiky_A_C
  • Summon BP_Weevil_C
  • Summon BP_Weevil_Evil_C
  • Summon BP_Wood_Splinter_C
  • Summon BP_Wood_Splinter_Termite_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Black_Egg_C
  • Summon BP_World_Candy_Spicy_C
  • Summon BP_World_Food_Apple_Pristine_C
  • Summon BP_World_Food_CandyCorn_C
  • Summon BP_World_Food_Hot_Dog_Pristine_C
  • Summon BP_World_Mushroom_Chunk_C
  • Summon BP_World_Mushroom_Toadstool_Chunk_C
  • Summon BP_World_WebWoven_C

Armor console commands in Grounded

Grounded allows players to use console commands to manipulate the armor aspects of the game. Here are some common console commands for armor in Grounded:

  • Summon BP_World_Acorn_Armor_Chest_C
  • Summon BP_World_Acorn_Armor_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Acorn_Armor_Legs_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Armor_Chest_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Armor_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Armor_Legs_C
  • Summon BP_World_Aphid_Armor_Legs_C
  • Summon BP_World_Armor_Flippers_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Chest_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Chest_Rotten_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Head_Rotten_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Legs_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Legs_Rotten_C
  • Summon BP_World_Breathe_Mask_C
  • Summon BP_World_Clover_Armor_Chest_C
  • Summon BP_World_Clover_Armor_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Clover_Armor_Legs_C
  • Summon BP_World_Eyepatch_C
  • Summon BP_World_Eyepatch+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Firefly_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Fist_Ant_C
  • Summon BP_World_Fist_Berry_C
  • Summon BP_World_GasMask_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Grub_Armor_Chest_C
  • Summon BP_World_Grub_Armor_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Grub_Armor_Legs_C
  • Summon BP_World_Koi_Armor_Chest_C
  • Summon BP_World_Koi_Armor_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Koi_Armor_Legs_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ladybug_Armor_Chest_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ladybug_Armor_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ladybug_Armor_Legs_C
  • Summon BP_World_Mite_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Spider_Armor_Chest_C
  • Summon BP_World_Spider_Armor_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Spider_Armor_Legs_C

Audio Logs, Story Items, and Tech Chips console commands in Grounded

These data items can give any player grief. Here are the consoleaudio logs, story items, and tech tips:

  • Summon BP_Audio_Log_Base_C
  • Summon BP_Audio_Log_World_AntTotem_C
  • Summon BP_Audio_Log_World_Cave_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA01_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA02_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA03_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA04_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA05_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA06_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA07_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA08_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA09_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA01_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA02_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA03_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA04_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA05_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA06_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA01_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA02_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA03_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA04_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA05_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA06_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB01_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB02_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB03_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB04_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB05_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB06_C
  • Summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB07_C
  • Summon BP_Note_Spy_Haze_C
  • Summon BP_Note_Spy_Hedge_C

Bugs Parts console commands in Grounded

In Grounded, bug parts are essential resources that players collect from various insects and arachnids in the game. With how important they are, many players need console commands to collect unlimted bug parts:

  • Summon BP_AntAbdomen_C
  • Summon BP_AntBody_C
  • Summon BP_AntHead_C
  • Summon BP_AntLeg_L_Back_C
  • Summon BP_AntLeg_L_Front_C
  • Summon BP_AntLeg_L_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_AntLeg_R_Back_C
  • Summon BP_AntLeg_R_Front_C
  • Summon BP_AntLeg_R_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_BombardierAbdomen_C
  • Summon BP_BombardierLeg_L_Back_C
  • Summon BP_BombardierLeg_L_Front_C
  • Summon BP_BombardierLeg_L_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_BombardierLeg_R_Back_C
  • Summon BP_BombardierLeg_R_Front_C
  • Summon BP_BombardierLeg_R_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_BombardierThorax_C
  • Summon BP_LadybugBody_C
  • Summon BP_LadybugHead_C
  • Summon BP_LadybugLeg_L_Back_C
  • Summon BP_LadybugLeg_L_Front_C
  • Summon BP_LadybugLeg_L_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_LadybugLeg_R_Back_C
  • Summon BP_LadybugLeg_R_Front_C
  • Summon BP_LadybugLeg_R_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_LarvaAbdomen_C
  • Summon BP_LarvaBody_C
  • Summon BP_LarvaHead_C
  • Summon BP_LarvaLeg_L_Back_C
  • Summon BP_LarvaLeg_L_Front_C
  • Summon BP_LarvaLeg_L_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_LarvaLeg_R_Back_C
  • Summon BP_LarvaLeg_R_Front_C
  • Summon BP_LarvaLeg_R_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_SoldierAbdomen_C
  • Summon BP_SoldierBody_C
  • Summon BP_SoldierHead_C
  • Summon BP_SoldierLeg_L_Back_C
  • Summon BP_SoldierLeg_L_Front_C
  • Summon BP_SoldierLeg_L_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_SoldierLeg_R_Back_C
  • Summon BP_SoldierLeg_R_Front_C
  • Summon BP_SoldierLeg_R_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderAbdomen_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderHead_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderLeg_L01_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderLeg_L02_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderLeg_L03_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderLeg_L04_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderLeg_R01_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderLeg_R02_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderLeg_R03_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderLeg_R04_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfAbdomen_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfHead_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfLeg_L01_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfLeg_L02_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfLeg_L03_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfLeg_L04_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfLeg_R01_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfLeg_R02_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfLeg_R03_C
  • Summon BP_SpiderWolfLeg_R04_C
  • Summon BP_StinkBugBody_C
  • Summon BP_StinkBugLeg_L_Back_C
  • Summon BP_StinkBugLeg_L_Front_C
  • Summon BP_StinkBugLeg_L_Mid_C
  • Summon BP_StinkBugLeg_R_Back_C
  • Summon BP_StinkBugLeg_R_Front_C
  • Summon BP_StinkBugLeg_R_Mid_C

Characters console commands in Grounded

Characters console commands in Grounded are, as the name suggests, used to modify character aspects. Here are some common character console commands that players might find useful:

  • Summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_C
  • Summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_Female_C
  • Summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_Female02_C
  • Summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_Gellarde_C
  • Summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_Male02_C
  • Summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_MrBones_C

Consumables console commands in Grounded

Consumables arespecial items that help a player gain certain temporary boosts. Here are all the consumables console commands in Grounded:

  • Summon BP_Cooking_Cooked_Aphid_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_Mushroom_Garden_C
  • Summon BP_World_Aphid_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Aphid_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Cooked_Aphid_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Cooked_Gnat_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Cooked_Grub_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Cooked_Tadpole_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Cooked_Weevil_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Dried_Aphid_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Dried_Gnat_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Dried_Grub_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Dried_Weevil_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Droplet_LemonJuice_C
  • Summon BP_World_Droplet_Soda_Cola_C
  • Summon BP_World_Droplet_Water_C
  • Summon BP_World_Food_Apple_C
  • Summon BP_World_Food_Cookie_Sandwich_C
  • Summon BP_World_Food_Cricket_C
  • Summon BP_World_Food_Hot_Dog_C
  • Summon BP_World_Food_Mint_C
  • Summon BP_World_Gnat_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Granola_Bar_C
  • Summon BP_World_Grub_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Honey_C
  • Summon BP_World_HoneyDew_C
  • Summon BP_World_Mushroom_C
  • Summon BP_World_Mushroom_Grown_C
  • Summon BP_World_Mushroomslurry_C
  • Summon BP_World_Nectar_C
  • Summon BP_World_Plantslurry_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Ant+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Ant+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Ant_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Ant_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Aphid+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Aphid+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Aphid_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Attack+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Attack+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Attack_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Berry+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Berry+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Berry_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Default+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Default+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Default_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Fiber+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Fiber+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_Fiber_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_FuzzOnTheRocks+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_FuzzOnTheRocks+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_FuzzOnTheRocks_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_GastroGoo+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_GastroGoo+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_GastroGoo_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_HumanFood+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_HumanFood_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_SwimSpeed+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_SwimSpeed+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_WaterBreathing+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_WaterBreathing+_C
  • Summon BP_World_Smoothie_WaterBreathing_C
  • Summon BP_World_Spoiled_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Tadpole_Meat_C
  • Summon BP_World_WaterBoat_Fin_Soup_C
  • Summon BP_World_Weevil_Meat_C

Gear console commands in Grounded

Like any survival game, gear is essential. Here are the gear console commands in Grounded to help you bypass the trickiest parts of the game:

  • Summon BP_Feather_C
  • Summon BP_World_Arrow_Crow_C
  • Summon BP_World_Axe_C
  • Summon BP_World_Axe_Tier2_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bandage_C
  • Summon BP_World_Binoculars_C
  • Summon BP_World_Canteen_C
  • Summon BP_World_Canteen+_C
  • Summon BP_World_DivingKnife_C
  • Summon BP_World_DivingLantern_C
  • Summon BP_World_Hammer_C
  • Summon BP_World_Hammer_Tier2_C
  • Summon BP_World_Lantern_Firefly_C
  • Summon BP_World_MintMallet_C
  • Summon BP_World_Rebreather_C
  • Summon BP_World_RepairTool_C
  • Summon BP_World_Shovel_C
  • Summon BP_World_StriderSkates_C
  • Summon BP_World_Torch_C
  • Summon BP_World_Torch+_C

Hazards console commands in Grounded

There are quite a few hazardous encounter possibilities in the base game, so it’s nice to have a way to hack the more dangerous parts. Here are the hazards console commands in Grounded:

  • Summon BP_BeetleSpray_C
  • Summon BP_BurningDamage_C
  • Summon BP_ChoppingDamage_C
  • Summon BP_ExplosiveDamage_C
  • Summon BP_GasDamage_C
  • Summon BP_GeneralRangedDamage_C
  • Summon BP_Hazard_BombardierRanged_C
  • Summon BP_Hazard_BombardierSpray_C
  • Summon BP_Hazard_GasArrow_C
  • Summon BP_Hazard_Stink_C
  • Summon BP_StabbingDamage_C

Keys console commands in Grounded

Using the keys console commands in Grounded is a surefire way to save time on all the hidden chests:

  • Summon BP_Key_BuriedSand_TreasureChest_C
  • Summon BP_Key_PondTreasureChest_C
  • Summon BP_Key_SandTreasureChest_C
  • Summon BP_Key_TableTreasureChest_C

Common Objects console commands in Grounded

These common environmental object console commands are for the common environmental resources are resources obtained directly from the environment in Grounded:

  • Summon BP_Clover_A_C
  • Summon BP_Clover_B_C
  • Summon BP_Clover_Flower_C
  • Summon BP_Daffodil_Blue_C
  • Summon BP_Eelgrass_A_C
  • Summon BP_Eelgrass_B_C
  • Summon BP_Eelgrass_C_C
  • Summon BP_Eelgrass_D_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_A_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_B_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_C_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_D_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_Dead_A_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_Dead_B_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_Dead_C_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_Dead_D_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_E_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_F_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBlade_G_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBladeDry_D_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBladeDry_E_C
  • Summon BP_GrassBladeDry_F_C
  • Summon BP_Hedge_Berry_A_C
  • Summon BP_Hedge_Berry_B_C
  • Summon BP_Hedge_Berry_C_C
  • Summon BP_HedgeBerryA_C
  • Summon BP_Hosta_A_C
  • Summon BP_Hosta_Flower_A_C
  • Summon BP_Hosta_Flower_B_C
  • Summon BP_Hosta_Leaf_C
  • Summon BP_Plant_Small_Leafy_A_C (Plant Fiber)
  • Summon BP_Plant_Small_Leafy_A_Dry_C (Dry Grass Chunk)
  • Summon BP_Plant_Small_Leafy_B_C (Plant Fiber)
  • Summon BP_Plant_Small_Leafy_B_Dry_C (Dry Grass Chunk)
  • Summon BP_Rock_CharCoal_C
  • Summon BP_Rock_Clay_C
  • Summon BP_Rock_Limestone_A_C
  • Summon BP_Rock_Quartzite_A_C
  • Summon BP_Rock_Sandstone_A_C
  • Summon BP_RoseBush_A_C
  • Summon BP_SmallPlantA_C (Plant Fiber)
  • Summon BP_Spiderweb_Hanging_B_Sleeping_C
  • Summon BP_Spiderweb_Hanging_C_Sleeping_C
  • Summon BP_Spiderweb_Hanging_Sleeping_C
  • Summon BP_Sprout_A_C
  • Summon BP_Sprout_B_C
  • Summon BP_Sprout_C_C
  • Summon BP_Weed_Dandelion_A_C
  • Summon BP_Weed_Dandelion_B_C
  • Summon BP_Weed_Dandelion_C_C
  • Summon BP_Weed_Dandelion_D_C

Repair Kits console commands in Grounded

  • Summon BP_World_Repairkit_Armor_Tier1_C
  • Summon BP_World_Repairkit_Armor_Tier2_C
  • Summon BP_World_Repairkit_Armor_Tier3_C

Resources console commands in Grounded

Here are the console commands for the more specialized environmental resources in Grounded:

  • Summon BP_Acorn_C
  • Summon BP_Ant_Dead_C
  • Summon BP_Egg_Ant_C
  • Summon BP_Sap_Nodule_A_C
  • Summon BP_SlimeMold_Stalks_A_C
  • Summon BP_SlimeMold_Stalks_B_C
  • Summon BP_SlimeMold_Stalks_C_C
  • Summon BP_SlimeMold_Stalks_D_C
  • Summon BP_Web_Pooped_C
  • Summon BP_World_Acid_C
  • Summon BP_World_Acid_Gland_C
  • Summon BP_World_Acorn_Bits_C
  • Summon BP_World_Acorn_Shell_C
  • Summon BP_World_Acorn_Top_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Egg_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Mandible_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Part_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Part_Rare_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Pheromone_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bait_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bee_Fuzz_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bee_Stinger_C
  • Summon BP_World_BombardierBeetle_Leg_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bone_C
  • Summon BP_World_CatTailPlantFluff_C
  • Summon BP_World_CharCoal_Chunk_C
  • Summon BP_World_Clay_C
  • Summon BP_World_CloverTop_C
  • Summon BP_World_Dandelion_Puff_A_C
  • Summon BP_World_DivingBellSpiderSilk_C
  • Summon BP_World_EelgrassStrand_C
  • Summon BP_World_Explosive_Gland_C
  • Summon BP_World_Fabric_C
  • Summon BP_World_Fertilizer_C
  • Summon BP_World_Fiber_C
  • Summon BP_World_Fiber_Dry_C
  • Summon BP_World_Firefly_Glow_C
  • Summon BP_World_Firefly_Shell_C
  • Summon BP_World_Fuzz_Gnat_C
  • Summon BP_World_Fuzz_Mite_C
  • Summon BP_World_GrassPlank_C
  • Summon BP_World_Grub_Faceplate_C
  • Summon BP_World_Grub_Goop_C
  • Summon BP_World_Grub_Hide_C
  • Summon BP_World_Gum_Steel_C
  • Summon BP_World_Hardened_Sprig_C
  • Summon BP_World_Hedge_Berry_C
  • Summon BP_World_KoiFishScale_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ladybug_Head_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ladybug_Shell_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ladybug_Wing_C
  • Summon BP_World_Larva_Spike_C
  • Summon BP_World_Leaf_Blower_C
  • Summon BP_World_Leaf_C
  • Summon BP_World_LeechSac_C
  • Summon BP_World_LilypadMembrane_C
  • Summon BP_World_LilypadWax_C
  • Summon BP_World_Log_C
  • Summon BP_World_Mosquito_Beak_C
  • Summon BP_World_Mosquito_Sack_C
  • Summon BP_World_MushroomBrick_C F
  • Summon BP_World_Nectar_C
  • Summon BP_World_Petal_Hosta_C
  • Summon BP_World_Petal_Red_C
  • Summon BP_World_Petal_Yellow_C
  • Summon BP_World_Pollen_C
  • Summon BP_World_Quartzite_C
  • Summon BP_World_Rapier_Mosquito_C
  • Summon BP_World_Resin_C
  • Summon BP_World_Rope_C
  • Summon BP_World_Rubber_C
  • Summon BP_World_Sap_C
  • Summon BP_World_Shield_Weevil_C
  • Summon BP_World_Slimemold_C
  • Summon BP_World_Slimemold_Stalk_C
  • Summon BP_World_Spider_Chunk_C
  • Summon BP_World_Spider_Fang_C
  • Summon BP_World_Spider_Venom_C
  • Summon BP_World_Sprig_C
  • Summon BP_World_Stinkbug_Feelers_C
  • Summon BP_World_Stinkbug_Gas_Sack_C
  • Summon BP_World_Stinkbug_Plate_C
  • Summon BP_World_Stone_Pebble_C
  • Summon BP_World_StriderLeg_C
  • Summon BP_World_TadPoleSlime_C
  • Summon BP_World_Thistle_Needle_C
  • Summon BP_World_Thorn_C
  • Summon BP_World_WaterBoatmanFin_C
  • Summon BP_World_WaterFlea_Chunk_C
  • Summon BP_World_Web_C
  • Summon BP_World_Weevil_Evil_Gland_C
  • Summon BP_World_Weevil_Nose_C
  • Summon BP_World_Weevil_Part_C

Robots console commands in Grounded

There are many different types of robots in Grounded that you can use to enhance your experience. Here are their console codes:

  • Summon BP_ArcR_C
  • Summon BP_ArcR_MKII_C
  • Summon BP_TazT_C
  • Summon BP_TazT_Rusty_C

Storage console commands in Grounded

These are the console commands for the interactive structures that assist the player:

  • Summon BP_LogStorage_C
  • Summon BP_PlankStorage_C
  • Summon BP_Storage_Big_C
  • Summon BP_Storage_C
  • Summon BP_WaterContainer_C

Techs console commands in Grounded

These tech console commands are useful for all the tech chips you can find in Grounded:

  • Summon BP_Burgle_C
  • Summon BP_ColorCollectible_C
  • Summon BP_RawScience_B_C
  • Summon BP_ScienceBits_C
  • Summon BP_TazT_C
  • Summon BP_TechChipAntHill_C
  • Summon BP_TechChipFlowerbed_C
  • Summon BP_TechChipHedge_C
  • Summon BP_TechChipMint_C
  • Summon BP_TechChipOakTree_C
  • Summon BP_TechChipPaint_C
  • Summon BP_TechChipPond_C
  • Summon BP_TechChipWeed_C

Traps console commands in Grounded

Traps are essential to the gameplay of Grounded. The materials can be acquired as early as when you begin the game. Just in case you’d like to advance your abilities quicker, here are the traps console commands in Grounded.

  • Summon BP_Trap_Aphid_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_Barricade_Spiked_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_Barricade_Spiked_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_Floor_Slide_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_FLoor_Stick_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_Lure_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_Lure_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_Pebble_Chute_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_Plasma_Orb_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_Tripwire_Bomb_C
  • Summon BP_Trap_Turret_Bushcraft_Buildable_C

Water Areas console commands in Grounded

  • Summon BP_Backpack_Player_C
  • Summon BP_Backpack_Player_Female01_C
  • Summon BP_Backpack_Player_Female02_C
  • Summon BP_Backpack_Player_Male01_C
  • Summon BP_Backpack_Player_Male02_C
  • Summon BP_BugDeath_Particle_C
  • Summon BP_BugDeath_Particle_Gnat
  • Summon BP_BuildingSnapCorner_C
  • Summon BP_Equippable_Compass
  • Summon BP_Grapple_Point_C
  • Summon BP_Item_Backpack_Survivor_C
  • Summon BP_Mite_CableChewer_C
  • Summon BP_NewspaperArticle_C
  • Summon BP_RawScience_A_C
  • Summon BP_RawScience_B_C
  • Summon BP_ScienceBits_C
  • Summon BP_SpectatorPawn_C
  • Summon BP_Water_Base_C
  • Summon BP_Water_Large_C
  • Summon BP_Water_Puddle_C
  • Summon BP_World_Debug_Sword_C
  • Summon BP_World_Survival_Guide_C

Weapons console commands in Grounded

Like all survivor games, weapons are essential. Here are the console commands for all weapons in Grounded:

  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Club_C
  • Summon BP_World_Ant_Club_Rotten_C
  • Summon BP_World_Arrow_C
  • Summon BP_World_Arrow_Lure_C
  • Summon BP_World_Arrow_Poison_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bomb_blood_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bomb_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bomb_Sticky_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bone_Diving_Knife_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bone_Trident_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bow_C
  • Summon BP_World_Bow_Tier2_C
  • Summon BP_World_CrossBow_Crow_C
  • Summon BP_World_Dagger_Spider_C
  • Summon BP_World_DivingKnife_C
  • Summon BP_World_GumSword_C
  • Summon BP_World_HarpoonBolt_C
  • Summon BP_World_HarpoonBoltBone_C
  • Summon BP_World_HarpoonBoltPoison_C
  • Summon BP_World_HarpoonGun_C
  • Summon BP_World_LarvaSword_C
  • Summon BP_World_LarvaSword_Rotten_C
  • Summon BP_World_Spear_C
  • Summon BP_World_Spear_Tier2_C
  • Summon BP_World_SpikySprig_C
  • Summon BP_World_TacticalHarpoonGun_C

Tip: The Bone Trident is a very good late game weapon

One of the best weapons you can get via cheats and console commands is the Bone Trident. There are better weapons, but not via cheats. Getting the Bone Trident early can prove very useful. The Bone Trident is listed as primarily meant for underwater combat, but regardless it is still effective.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grounded Cheats

Can you use console commands in Grounded?

Unfortunately, you cannot use cheats in console versions of Grounded because the software is only available for PC.

Is there a way to cheat in Grounded?

Yes, there is a way to cheat in Grounded. You need to download the third-party program Universal Engine 4 Unblocker on your PC. Then, you can access the cheat menu by pressing “~” on your keyboard. Make sure to start a new save file, as glitches can mess up your old one.

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All cheats and console commands for Grounded (2024)
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