Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (2024)

Devstream 180 was the last one before TennoCon 2024, and boy was it jam-packed with reveals and news leading into TennoLive later this summer. Learn all about our upcoming June update -- Jade Shadows -- including Jade’s kit and the new Ascension game mode, get a first look at Ember Heirloom and learn about our revamped Heirloom program, and so much more in our overview below.

Of course, if you want to catch all the details, you can watch the full stream on our YouTube channel as well:


  • Don’t miss the Gift of the Lotus Alerts live after our stream. You have 24 hours to claim your Riven Cipher and Pistol Riven Mod!
  • Cross Platform Save Dojos are coming soon -- as one last hurrah before this new system launches, enjoy a series of All Star Dojos featured in your Star Chart!
  • We’re celebrating Pride in Warframe for the month of June. Head to the in-game Market to grab the new Pride III Glyph by NimkeArts and Display by RoboMythos for 1 Credit, as well as the Neon Pride Wings decoration. Learn more about our Pride celebrations here.

TennoCon 2024 Schedule

TennoCon is fast-approaching and we’ve revealed our official day-of schedule for July 20th!

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (1)

If you’re joining us on July 19th for TennoVIP festivities as well, here’s a look at that event’s rundown:

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (2)

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (3)

This year’s TennoCon is also featuring some incredible professional cosplay and props teams:

Lightning Cosplay

Lightning is returning with last year’s Lotus cosplay (that you may have seen alongside their Dax Soldier cosplay at TennoCon 2023) and a new Arthur cosplay!

This team will also be guest judging our TennoCon Cosplay Contest this year.

Plexi Cosplay

For 2023’s TennoCon, Plexi made a Moa cosplay you may have seen on the show floor. This year they are making cosplays for Albrecht Entrati and Human Loid! They’re also creating a real-life version of the Neon Pride Wings decoration!

Hoku Props

For TennoVIP last year, Hoku astounded attendees with their Grimoire prop. For TennoCon this year, they are creating a real-life trivia game featuring Loid and Otak.


Our next update, Jade Shadows, is coming on June 18th! Here’s a look at what to expect in this release, featuring our first Warframe cinematic quest since the Call of the Tempestarii in 2021. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s quickly break down what to expect:

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (4)

  • New Quest: Jade Shadows
  • 57th Warframe: Jade
  • New Gamemode: Ascension
  • Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast
  • Yareli Deluxe Collection
  • New Augments, Arcanes, and Decrees
  • UI Improvements
  • Quality of Life Changes

New Quest: Jade Shadows Quest

We’ve revisited many characters after their arc in The New War, and we felt Stalker was dealt his due as well. Dive into his story in this ~30 minute cinematic adventure! As mentioned, this is our first Warframe-centered cinematic quest since Sevagoth’s release in the Call of the Tempestarii.

Players must have completed The New War to access the Jade Shadows Quest.

New Warframe: Jade

Jade offers both support to her allies and devastating destruction to her foes. Let’s take a full look at her kit and see what she has in store for the battlefield.


Jade’s passive manifests in two parts:

  • Firstly, Jade has two Aura Mod Slots!
  • Secondly, her first and fourth abilities give enemies a debuff that makes them more vulnerable to all damage!

First Ability

Create a well of light that both heals allies and hurts enemies over time when within its area of effect.

Second Ability

Cycle through three different Auras. Swapping between Auras does not cost additional energy after casting.

  • Increase Shield Regeneration (including into Overshields)
  • Increase Ability Strength
  • Increase Squad Weapon Damage

Third Ability

Any enemy in her Line of Sight is slowed and suffers armor strip effects. Downed allies within her sight will also be revived from afar when cast.

This is Jade’s subsummable Helminth ability (excluding the revive functionality).

Fourth Ability

Take flight and deal damage with your exalted weapon! Mark enemies with your first ability and detonate them with your alt-fire.

  • Motetique Signa (featured in the videos above)
  • Jade Aurelot Alt Helmet
  • Evensong Bow*
  • Cantare Throwing Weapon*
  • Harmony Scythe*

* When all of her signature three weapons are equipped on Jade, she will receive a unique buff. This is still undergoing changes, so we have no more info to share just yet!

New Gamemode: Ascension

Ascension boils down to the concept of “What if Warframe but up?” in game mode form. The name says all -- your end-goal is to Ascend to the top and extract. This mission is locked until completion of the Jade Shadows Quest, and unfurls itself in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Defend a Mote Collector against Corpus foes
  • Phase 2: Escort the Extraction Capsule up an elevator, and feed it energy with Ionic charges during the ride. While this may seem easy, we assure you this is quite a lengthy elevator ride, so we hope you’re not afraid of heights!
  • Phase 3: Once you’re top-side, you need to protect the Extraction Capsule on a short trip to extraction!

As you may have noticed in the video above, there are some similarities to Hijack missions, but with much bigger emphasis on players actively moving throughout the tiles. We encourage you to explore the nooks and crannies of the elevator shaft for more Ionic charges -- and perhaps more.

Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast

With Jade Shadow’s launch, we’re also releasing a new Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast.

Take on a variant of Ascension filled with new Jade Eximus. What are Jade Eximus, you ask? A new Eximus type added to the game, who spawn a Jade Light that we recommend avoiding at all costs. Earn special Operation currency from these missions and exchange them with Ordis by visiting him in the Larunda Relay.

His wares include:

New Evolving Ephemeras

Each evolution of Ephemera can be unlocked by completing goals as a community.

(note: the name shown in the video is not final)

Return of Evergreen Operation Rewards

These rewards include the Ballroom Simulacrum Room, Basmu Blueprint, and more. You can also look forward to the return of Arcanes, but we are limiting how many you can purchase to avoid burnout.

Our current plan is to limit players to 2 full sets (42 total) per Arcane.

Clan-only Rewards

Those in a Clan will have access to a bonus Offerings store, with the following

  • Legendary Arcanes
  • Enlightened Hate Skin
  • And more!

Jade Components

Jade’s component blueprints will be available from Ordis both during and after the Operation!

Status Rework Updates

We detailed our plans to make Blast more blast-y and changes coming to Frost as part of the Cold Status rework. Everything and more can be found in our updated Dev Workshop!

Yareli Deluxe Collection - Yareli Pandea Skin!

We have teased Yareli’s deluxe skin in many forms, but now we can officially show it off in-game!

As you may have seen, she also comes with her own custom Merulina skin to help them both be their best deep-sea horror (but cute!) selves.

TennoGen Shadows

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (5)

More community-made creations are releasing with Jade Shadows!

  • Kuva Pump Chest Armor (launching PC only to start) by CERF
  • Corachrix Shoulder Armor by LostEpoch & DasterCreations
  • Operator Spicularis Oculus by VentralHound.
  • Operator Spicularis Mask by VentralHound.
  • Equinox Omni Helmet by Rekkou
  • Lavos Yersin Skin by Lubox.

Check out our official forum post!

New Augments

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (6)

New Augments are coming! Save up your Syndicate standing to nab them with Jade Shadows’ release.

Protea Blaze Artillery Augment: Temporal Artillery

When Temporal Anchor is activated, one existing Artillery unit will attach to Protea, halting its duration countdown. Max combo count is 20x.

Yes, my dear Tenno, it is as nuts as it sounds:

Sevagoth Sow Augment: Dark Propagation

Enemies killed while inflicted with Sow spread its effect in a 15m radius. Shadow's Death Harvest also inflicts Sow.

Dagath Grave Spirit Augment: Spectral Spirit

Immediately assume Grave Spirit’s Spectral Form. 100% chance for weapons and abilities to apply Doom. Kills outside of Spectral Form decrease its cooldown by 1s.

Qorvex Containment Wall Augment: Wrecking Wall

Strip 50% of armor and shields from struck enemies. Hitting 5 or more enemies will restart the duration of any Chyrinka Pillars and empower them.

New Decrees

The creative minds in the Design Council came back with more ideas than a Maw could eat up! The Dev team chose the following from the ideas pitched with some tweaks for balance purposes. Below are only a small amount of the larger list that is being included!

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (7)

Good Governance

Sacrifice 0.5x from your Critical Chance to gain 4x to your squad’s Critical Damage.

Storm Caller

Plus 100% Magazine Capacity. Gain 1 Electricity Damage for every bullet reloaded into your weapon.

Rain of Vitality

Enemies have +60% chance to drop Health Orbs. Health Orbs increase Armor by 80 for 10 seconds. Effect triples for Warframes.

Paragrimm’s Wisdom

Gain +3 Decree Rerolls.

Bountiful Harvest

Crates and plants drop +1 additional resources.

New Arcanes

Please note that these are works in progress and are subject to change!

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (8)

Battery Armor (Warframe)

Gains 0.30 maximum Energy for every Armor point you have, up to 1000 Energy.

Arcane Icestorm (Warframe)

On enemy frozen solid: Gain 2% Ability Strength and Ability Duration for 15s. Stacks up to 20x.

Secondary Fortifier (Secondary)

1% Overguard steal. 8x more damage to Overguard.

Secondary Surge (Secondary)

On Ability Cast, increase 1x damage multiplier to your next shot for every 200 current Energy you have, up to x8.

Melee Afflictions (Melee)

Adds 6 stacks to the existing Status Effects on enemies that are knocked off their feet by melee attacks.

UI Improvements

In addition to all of the content above, we have a ton of UI Improvements slated for this update as well. Let’s take a look at what the team has cooked up:

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (9)

Duplicate Mod Configs:

Now you can duplicate a Mod Config onto another Config in the Upgrade screen, to both the same item and across the default and Prime Variants!

Wrong Polarity Indicator

When a Slot is filled with a Mod of the wrong Polarity, we’ve added an indicator that shows the correct Polarity for that slot. Previously players would have to remove the Mod to see what the Polarity was.

Sub-Stat Indicators

In our Arsenal Stats refresh, we’ve added Sub-Stats to the primary Stats shown in your Upgrade screen. The presence of these were not evident at first glance, so now Primary Stats with their own Sub-Stats will now be marked with a diamond icon. Stats who have had their Sub-Stats value change with Mods will now reflect that with small arrows on said icon.

View Augments on Ability screen

Added a “View Augments” option to the Ability preview tooltip that will show you associated Augment Mods. Hovering over the Augment Mods in the pop-up will tell you which Syndicates you can acquire them from.

Featured Fashion

Our goal with this feature is to display your amazing fashion to share with other players! Very similar to the Look Link feature in chat, players will be able to click through the Featured Look Link list, preview fashion, and apply it to their own Warframes!

With launch, you will see fashion curated from our very own DE staff for the following Warframes: Excalibur, Mag, and Volt (our starters!) -- and Jade, of course. Our plans are to collect and curate Look Links from the community to add to the Featured Look Link list.

Quick Access Wheel Expanded

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (10)

We’re adding Quick Access wheel (i.e. Fast Travel assigned to your Gear Wheel) in Hubs, the Dormizone, and Maroo’s Bazaar!

4K Hud Scaling

Those with 4K screens may be used to their itty-bitty HUDs, but it is no longer the default! Our HUD will now properly scale with screen resolution, meaning you don’t have to squint to see your teammates’ names (before you change the scaling settings, of course).

While we are removing tiny HUDs from 4K screens, some players may want it back -- we’re not here to judge, so we’ve added the option to make your HUD both bigger AND smaller using the HUD scale settings.

Due to this change, your HUD scale settings will be reset with Jade Shadows’ release. Sorry!

New Distance Scaling Damage Numbers

Big and plentiful Damage Numbers are a pleasure to see, but sometimes there’s so many of them that you can’t actually see the enemy you’re aiming at. With Jade Shadows, Damage Numbers will now by default fly away from the enemy so that they don’t obscure your view. This effect scales with your distance from the enemy.

Should you wish to return to the Damage Number blob, you can toggle this on using the “Cloud” option in your Damage Numbers setting.

Awakening Quest - Starter Frame Color Presets

We’re adding 3 color presets to the Starter Frame selection screen in the Awakening Quest to help introduce new players to the vital endgame system that is Fashion Frame. Players will be able to select from the presets featuring colors from the default color palette to make their Warframe feel more like their own!

Loadout Customization From Navigation

You can now change what is in your Loadout directly from Navigation! Instead of running back and forth from the Arsenal when you need to make a change before jumping into a mission, you can now do so conveniently from the Navigation screen.

With this new UI feature, you will not only be able to more clearly see what you have equipped, but you will be able to swap and customize your equipped gear without leaving the Navigation menu.

Quality of Life Changes

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (11)

We’ve covered so much already, so let’s do a quick speedrun of the other Quality of Life changes coming with Jade Shadows:

Adversary Pruning

We are limiting the number of Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos in your account history to 150 total. We’ll be introducing tools to help you “remove” those you no longer wish to remember should you near that cap.

Pathos Clamps from Side Objective Undercroft Portals

Players now have an alternative path to earning Pathos Clamps! Completing side objective Undercroft Portals (ie. the ones that are NOT part of your Spiral objectives) will now earn you Pathos Clamps, in addition to the existing current Decrees, Arcanes, and Steel Essence (if played on Steel Path difficulty) rewards.

Increased Enemy AI Counts on Next-Gen Consoles

We spoke about this previously on Devstream #179, but we are confirming that hosts on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will see an increase of enemy counts without risking performance stability. Huzzah!

Semi Auto to Full Auto + New Semi-Auto Mods

Also a throwback to Devstream #179, but we are confirming our plans to introduce a new “Continuous Manual Fire Mode” for Semi-Automatic and similar trigger-type weapons -- like Auto-Melee but for your Rubico! Exact specifications will be in our Patch Notes.

With this setting, we are also releasing new Semi-Auto Mods that will lock your weapon’s fire rate, but offer increased Damage and Punch Through in return.

Unify Finisher and Mercy Mechanics

There are a variety of finishers in-game and they all look kinda different. This change accomplishes two goals:

First, all Finisher types (front, back, and ground) are standardized to be triggered via a context action.

Second, all Finisher FX have been updated to be similar to Mercy Kills. These two mechanics are different, so we want to ensure they are still visually distinct, but now Finishers should look more like “Mercy Kills’ little brother”.

Last Equipped Relic (Endless)

Selecting your Relic in-mission (ex: after 5 waves of Defense) will now display a “Last Equipped” label to the last-equipped Relic in an endless Void Fissure mission. Relics with this label will always appear at the top of the Relic selection screen in-mission.

Market Blueprint and Resource Description Updates

We’ve updated and standardized over 200+ descriptions to make it clearer how to obtain the items in-game! Look for more details in our Patch Notes.

Rare Gem Mining Improvements

All Rare Gems can now be mined by both the Sunpoint Plasma Drill and Advanced Nosam Cutter. Previously certain Gems could only be mined by one or the other. Gem and tool descriptions have also been updated to communicate this requirement.

Awakening Checkpoints

We have added checkpoints to the Awakening Quest so players who leave part-way do not have to start from the beginning when they return. Players will be notified once they hit a Checkpoint, and will get a preview of the remaining checkpoints they need to complete to help them better understand their progress.

Voidrig Acquisition Changes

We are further reviewing Voidrig’s acquisition path to reduce the Necralisk Syndicate grind specifically. Look for more details in our Patch Notes!

Ember Heirloom Collection - Coming July 20

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (12)

We’re leaving 2023’s Heirloom in 2023, but we have new plans for Heirloom in 2024 and moving forward. Understandably, players may not have positive associations with the word “Heirloom”, but our hope is that the following changes to this program will help improve player sentiment. Before we get into the Ember Heirloom collection itself, let’s take a look at what our Heirloom program looks like in 2024:

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (13)


Ember’s Heirloom Collection will be available for purchase two ways:

  • Real Money Currency for $24.99 USD (with 425 in the pack)
  • In-game Market pack for 475 Platinum

In addition to being able to purchase the Collection for Platinum, each item in the collection can be purchased separately for Platinum should you so choose.

Permanently Available for Platinum

Once the Real Money Currency Heirloom pack is retired for a new Heirloom collection, its contents will still be available in-game for purchase with Platinum.

Only One Heirloom at a Time

We have another Heirloom on the horizon (to be announced at TennoCon), but only one Heirloom is planned to be released at a time to let each collection shine.

Ember Heirloom Concept

Our goal was to make Heirlooms a community-oriented program starting in 2024, and what better way to do that than to include community artists. We’re thrilled to have worked with CleoNaturin, who concepted the Ember Heirloom Skin for us!

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (14)

While this concept is stunning enough, let’s take a look at what else is coming with Ember Heirloom:

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (15)

  • Ember Heirloom Skin
  • Ember Heirloom Signa
  • Ember Heirloom Glyph
  • Ember Heirloom Sigil
  • Ember Heirloom Color Palette
  • Ember Heirloom Prex Card (featuring a special holographic effect!)

With her release on July 20th (aka TennoCon), we are also running a special Ember and Rhino Prime Resurgence rotation at the same time!

Ember Heirloom In-Game

And of course, a look at her in-game, featuring some fire-hot molten FX


As mentioned in the TennoCon schedule at the top of this overview, TennoCon is featuring our first-ever Soulframe Devstream!

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (16)

We also released our first episode of Soulshorts, which you can watch below. Keep an eye out for news on future Soulshorts episodes! As a reminder, we also send new Envoys invites to Predules every Wednesday!

Steve and Geoff brought us a look at the new corruption effects to the map and new Mockeries enemies

The Soulframe team also brought some additional art with them, so let’s just bask in their glory:
Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (17)

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (18)

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (19)

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (20)

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (21)

Warframe: Devstream #180 Overview (2024)
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